What we've done


Issuing and Updating Priority Legislation

Lead entity
General Secretariat of the Cabinet
Challenge (before)
It would usually take 12-18 months to gather all stakeholders and draft bylaws 
In 80 days, we prepared the bylaws draft of the Civil Procedures Law in order to facilitate, expedite and automate procedures of litigation 
Participating Entities
  • Ministry of Justice
  • General Secretariat of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
  • Dubai Courts
  • Higher Committee for Legislation in Dubai
  • Executive Council of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Ras Al Khaimah Courts 
This challenge contributes to achieving the Peace Justice and Strong Institutions SDG 

Other achivements


National Economic Registry

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

In 100 days, we launched an integrated National Economic Registry and increased user enquiries by 118%, more than double the Goal.

Ask Once

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

In 100 days, 97% of new business applicants submitted their documents once and through one platform

Emiratisation in Strategic Economic Sectors

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

In 100 days, we ensured 5,741 of job seeking Emiratis were recruited across strategic economic sectors, exceeding our Goal of hiring 4,000 Emiratis by 43%

National Program for Young Innovative Companies

Ministry of Economy

In 100 days, we launched the first National Comprehensive Program supporting Young Innovative Companies and issued 52 National Membership Certificates

UAE Master Plan

Ministry of Infrastructure Development

In 100 days, we built the first unified geospatial database for four layers (roads networks, land uses, housing, and demographics) in the form of an interactive map to support the decision-making process

Small Claims Court

Ministry of Justice

In 100 days, we established a unified Small Claims Court system capable of adjudicating minor misdemeanours and civil claims (under AED 100,000) in one working day


Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment

In 100 days, we created “SENIAR”, a smart unified addressing system, and acquired 17,107 active users, more than 8-fold increase from our Goal.